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Ask Heating Services Ipswich Boilers
Ask Heating Services Ipswich Boilers

Power flushing across Suffolk & Essex by ASK Heating ServicesPower Flushing Ask Heating Services Ipswich

As your central heating system ages, it will begin to suffer from a build-up of black iron oxide deposits which can greatly reduce its efficiency. These deposits build up in the system and can cause the following symptoms:

• Fuel wastage

• Poor system circulation

• Increased noise

• Failure of central heating components

Power flushing can rectify these problems by removing the deposits. This will in turn, increase your central heating systems efficiency, save you money and increase its lifespan.

Does my system need a power flush?

A simple test to see if your system needs a power flush service is to turn on your central heating. Check the radiator which is the furthest from your boiler. Check the temperature at the top and bottom of the radiator with your hand. It the radiator is cooler at the bottom, this is an indication that it is suffering from deposits and you may need a power flushing service.

Ask Heating Services Ipswich Boilers

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